Compost From Home With A Compost Barrel

Garden Composting - The Easy and Eco-Friendly Way to Create Nutrient-Rich Soil

To make compost from home with a compost barrel, you will need the following materials:

  • A compost barrel or container with a lid
  • Carbon-rich materials such as dry leaves, straw, or sawdust
  • Nitrogen-rich materials such as grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, or coffee grounds
  • Water


  1. Start by filling the bottom of your compost barrel with a layer of carbon-rich materials.
  2. Next, add a layer of nitrogen-rich materials on top of the carbon layer.
  3. Repeat layering carbon and nitrogen materials until the barrel is about three-quarters full.
  4. Add water to the compost barrel until it is moist but not soaking wet.
  5. Stir the compost occasionally to aerate it and help it decompose faster.
  6. Keep the compost barrel in a sunny location and make sure to keep it moist.
  7. The compost will be ready when it becomes deep brown and crumbly.

Note: The ratio of carbon to nitrogen is important for the composting process. A good ratio is about thirty parts carbon to one part nitrogen.

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